čtvrtek 26. ledna 2012


Couple of interesting things I have noticed while doing high school homework.

  1. Don't go on Facebook before finishing your homework... Which I, fail to do.
  2. Don't leave your homework until late hours, right before you go to sleep or ealry morning. Which I, fail to do.
  3. Listen to music when doing your homework. Which I don't usually fail to do 8).
  4. Don't stress too much, yip, I often fail to do that. 
  5. Focus and do exactly what is expected. Guess what I failt to do.

úterý 24. ledna 2012

...while my guitar gently weeps

český překlad ZDE!
ENG: My life got better. Don't know for how long, but so far... It's pretty cool. Not that it was bad before, but, you know... Glad I can say that, yeah.
Too much homework, srsly. I have an essay and a project to do till Friday. School's hectic, but awesome. The teachers are amazing, my friends are amazing. My family's amazing, fcourse.Thank God. ♥ I took some photos of myself, they aren't too bad. Gonna post one, so you can see what I look like -- most of you already know, though.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3RYvO2X0Oo&feature=related - been into Beatles lately. 8)

A photo my sis took last Friday.
See you guys. ♥

fresh start

Nope, not starting my blog over again, but I deleted the stupid photo posts and such. I am gonna try to blog as much and as good as possible. Starting over.

Ne, nezačínám blog znova, ale smazala jsem ty hloupý články s fotkama a tak. Zkusím blogovat co nejvíc a nejlíp to půjde. Začínám znovu.

Love u, Judes.

pátek 6. ledna 2012

Inspiration; Charlotte Free

A beautiful 18 year old music and circus performer is a great inspiration to all of us. I mean, just look at her. That sense of style, it's amazing. :)
Her official tumblr -- charlottefree.tumblr.com.
Got to know about her from sianconway.blogspot.com.

pondělí 19. prosince 2011

sweet beginnings.

I just made a blog.
Right after midnight, well, not really -- in czech time, it is.
Don't know why I did it.
Oh well.
See you.